SLIPLO Celebrity Endorsements

Fabio L. SLIPLO Endorsement

Listen to what international spokesperson, model and car enthusiast Fabio has said about SLIPLO Bumper Scrape guard on his Lamborghini Aventador.

“The peace of mind I get from the new SLIPLO scrape guard makes all the difference for me. Now I can drive my Lambo anywhere I want without that nagging fear of messing it up. Makes driving much more enjoyable, especially around town!”

Joe Gatt (AKA God of War) SLIPLO Endorsement

Joseph Gatt is an English actor, model, voice artist and most important of all a car enthusiast and this is what he has to say about SLIPLO Universal Skid Plate on his Ford GT350 Shelby Cobra.

“ Driving anything that rides lower than an SUV around Los Angeles streets is incredibly stupid. But when you’re a car enthusiast, decision making comes from the heart, not the brain. It’s only after you start driving that car, lowered, with aero front splitter, that you start having the scrape nightmares. SlipLo really does ease that mindset & allows you to enjoy your car more and feel that every scrape won’t be costing you a few thousand dollars, because SlipLo is taking the rub, not that carbon fiber! ”

Check out Joe’s problem at his gym and why he as turned to use SLIPLO.