Sliplo Bumper Skid Guard Story

It’s not every day… that you pull into a dealership to buy the car you have been dreaming about for many years. Mine is a Porsche Twin Turbo and at $165,000 it’s worth every penny and let me tell you that I was not thinking about a bumper skid guard for it at this point. I remember the day I bought my Porsche vividly. It was the first and only Monday morning I ever jumped out of bed. I had an appointment for my test drive at 8am and I was not going to be late.

It was 9:00 AM when I pulled into the lot, it was warm, sunny and the perfect day for a drive. Now, I’m not quite sure why I’d been dreaming of owning a Porsche since I was a kid. Maybe it’s the sleek curves, the comfortable leather or the roar of the engine. Maybe it’s the fact that it can do 0 – 60mph in 2.9 seconds. All I can tell you is that I am and always will be in love with my car.

The Porsche performed flawlessly that morning and by 11 am I was driving my charcoal grey dream car out of the dealership. It was mine and I had earned it. Opening it up on the road felt like freedom.

SLIPLO bumper skid guard BMW M4
SLIPLO bumper skid guard Lexus LFA

My plan was to head to straight to my shop. I wanted to show off my new purchase to my brother and the technicians in the garage. Then I saw the detour sign. There was no way around it. I turned my brand-new Porsche twin turbo onto a road that had been broken up into gravel. I slowed, but pebbles shot up underneath the car… a lot of them. By the time I got off the street I was sure my bumper was scratched to hell. I was right, and I was angry! This was easily going to cost over $1,500.00 and worse than that, my baby was no longer flawless.

Now you might be asking “Why is he telling me all this?” Well, this was the moment I came up with the idea for the Sliplo Bumper Chin Guard. I wanted to protect my car with a product that was versatile, quick and inexpensive to install. Guess what? I knew there were other guys just like me who wanted the same thing. This was 3 years ago and after a whole lot of independent R & D testing I’m proud to say that we nailed it. Here’s what we’ve got.

Sliplo Bumper Skid Guard

Eliminates those nasty bumper chin damage from driveway and parking curb scrapes.

  • Protect your investment from thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.
  • Drill free solution eliminates drilling permanent gouging holes in your bumper.
  • Tough as nail double sided adhesive eliminates any permanent hardware.
  • Made from the same super though & rugged material as snowplow blades.
  • Clean low profile aerodynamic appearance designed for minimal visibility.
  • Protects virtually any car bumper in less than 30 minutes.
  • Eliminates costly bumper repair or replacement at an inexpensive price.
  • Comes with a peace of mind 10-year performance warranty.
  • Worry free driving makes driving fun again.

SLIPLO Install on LaFerrari

The point is, if you’re anything like me it’s a no brainer to install the Sliplo Bumper Scrape Guard right after you pull out of the dealership. It’s just that simple.

SLIPLO; the simple, inexpensive, effective way to guard your bumper.

Yours Truly

Dr. Scrape