The Problem of Bumper Damage from Steep Driveways

The Problem of Bumper Damage from Steep Driveways

Owning a car is one thing a lot of people look forward to, and one of the most important reasons for owning a car is to be able to conveniently move from point A to point B and at your own pace. While becoming a car owner is something that is worthy of note, it does not just end there, as you become responsible for the car and everything that happens to it, and when it comes to properly taking care of a car, there are two types of car owners: We have the car owners who are really meticulous about their cars and will treat it like its more than a machine, they are usually so careful when handling the car, and will do anything to maintain the car like its new. At the other end, we have car owners who are okay with the car as long as its functional, it does not bother them whether there’s a squeaky sound coming from the wheels, they are not bothered about the fact that there’s dent in their bumpers, or that the paintwork is chipped in some parts, nothing bothers them about their cars, till it actually breaks down.

The truth is that as a car owner, there are several elements that could go against you if you are not observant or careful while driving. However, no matter how careful or meticulous you are with your car, some things just happen that could be beyond your control.

A particular set of car owners who are always conscious of the terrain they drive on, are those with cars that have low ground coverage, and no matter how careful you are with such cars, there is every tendency to scrape the bumper against the ground at different points, especially when you have to deal with rolled up curbs or sharp steep driveways.

Bumpers and Splitters

Bumpers were created and attached to cars as a way to prevent and possibly reduce some type of damage to the front and rear parts of the vehicle, including the parking lights, headlights, hood, cooling system, grill, trunk, and exhaust. Bumpers come in different materials including plastic, rubber, aluminum, and steel. When a minor accident happens from either the front or rear of the car, the bumper functions as the shock absorber, and to further cushion the effect, some bumpers come with internal shock absorbers made with foam cushioning.

Sharp steep driveways have always been a problem for cars with low ground coverage, and a lot of drivers have complained at one time or the other. There’s a type of mini heart attack that you feel when your bumper goes bang on the ground, and it may seem insignificant to some, but the more your bumper scrapes the ground, the more damage it will receive, and the damages could range from chipped paints to structural damage that may need replacing the whole unit. When a bottom out takes place on a sharp steep driveway, most times, the front splitter and bumper have the most damage to deal with. There is the possibility of your car to endure infrequent and minimal impacts; however, your splitter/bumper is at the risk of getting cracked, and that could invariably lead to some serious repairs that will cost money. This has been a major problem for people with low cars, and like it was stated earlier, no matter how careful or meticulous you are when driving, some things just happen that you may not be able to handle at that moment. Sometimes, the fault may not come from you, for instance, a friend could borrow your ride and not be aware of the fact that he or she needs to be careful with the sharp steep driveway, or your teenage child could decide to sneak the car out when you are not around. Whatever the case may be, there is a high tendency that your low car will experience some bumper scraping at some point while being driven, and we are well aware of the fact that if your bumper gets impacted persistently, it can result in serious damage that could affect not only the bumper but the fascia, side panel, lights, etc. hence, a damage to one can translate to a replacement of more.

While the bumper is one part of the car that receives a lot of abuse when dealing with sharp steep driveways, there are some other parts of the car that get affected, even if the impact may not be as much as what the bumper receives. Some other parts of the car that are prone to get affected by a blowout include the mufflers, skid plate/engine covers, oil pan, front splitter, etc. Hence, while driving safely is the most important part of maintaining your car, it is also good to have safety measures in place to reduce some type of damages to the car.

bumper driveway damage
bumper driveway damage
Steep Driveway Scrape
Steep Driveway Scrape

Bumper damage can be an eyesore when it happens to a car, and except it happens under the bumper, it is usually visible for anyone to see. Results of a damaged bumper include it losing its fitting and falling off, hanging to the side, dents, and pilled paint. A damaged bumper can make that really beautiful car you have always cherished and admired, become ugly, and you would need the expertise of professionals to fix and put it right. Taking your car to a professional to help fix the bumper could mean more expenses, and that is just one of the many sacrifices that come with owning and maintaining a car.

While there are do it yourself quick fixes for some minor types of bumper damages, it is imperative that you are careful with the quick fixes, or you could create more problems for the bumper, hence, if you are not really knowledgeable about car bodyworks, it’s best to get the professionals to look into it and ascertain the best procedure to have it fixed properly. While there are different solutions for your damaged bumper, if you own the sharp steep driveway that has caused the damage, then you may need to look for permanent solutions or deal with fixing your bumper and car every moment, as a result of damages caused by blowouts and steep driveways. You may decide to opt for cars with higher clearance off the ground, but that is if you do not have some strong attachment with your low car, if the bond is strong, then you could consider doing something about the steep driveway or rolled curb.

The moment any damage happens to the bumper, if it does not get attended to as soon as possible, the damage could get serious over time, and thus increase the car’s susceptibility to more damage, hence, it is imperative that a fix is applied efficiently and promptly, or you could defer the repairs till later, and end up spending more, due the fact that the damage may have increased and affected other parts of the car.

As iterated earlier, it is best to employ preventive measures, and have professionals attend to your bumpers whenever they get damaged, as opposed to doing it yourself quick fixes.

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