A common question that we get asked is how will SLIPLO hold up over time after repeated impacts with different objects. The first concern is that the adhesive layer of SLIPLO could detach from the bumper after a hard impact and the second concern is about the overall strength of the polyurethane layer. How will it hold up in extreme temperatures, repeated scrapes and extreme conditions. We wanted to take up these challenges and put SLIPLO bumper lip protection through a series of extreme tests designed to see if it will fail. You will see SLIPLO frozen, dropped, burnt, dragged by bulldozer, swung from, stretched and dragged on a safe behind a Ford Raptor truck.


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SLIPLO Universal Skid Plate | DIY Bumper Front Lip Protection Kit

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Why is bumper lip protection important for your car?

The answer is simple: Bumper lip protection is the only way to keep your car’s bumper from grinding the pavement of your driveway and vice versa.

With bumper protection, you can drive your car on galloped roads without worrying about what is going on under your car. Bumper protection like SLIPLO universal bumper skid guard doesn’t just protect your car from scratch and scrapes, but they also offer aesthetic benefits. In other words, you can use SLIPLO to add flair to the bumper of your car. Since SLIPLO universal bumper skid guard is produced using strong materials, you can enjoy all this amazing for a long time.

What’s more, SLIPLO bumper protection is not so difficult to install. With its double-sided adhesive, it would bond easily with your car’s bumper.