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car air freshener

Car Air Freshener / Diffuser Set

Includes five all natural plant extract cartridges

Finally a smooth looking aroma diffuser that gives you full control on when and what you smell. Looks, scent and flexibility all rolled into one great smelling add-on 

  • 1 Set
    1 Diffuser + 1 Cartridge
    $9.95 $16.00
  • 2 Sets Best Seller
    2 Diffuseres + 2 Cartridges
    $17.95 $32.00
  • 3 Sets Best Value
    3 Diffuseres + 3 Cartridges
    $23.95 $48.00
aroma on demand

Fully Adjustable ON/OFF Settings

You control where and when you want to smell the scent. 

High Quality Metal Construction

Includes a sturdy one size fits all air vent clip. Just clip and go.

universal clip
universal air freshener

Air Activated Scent

The scent is only activated when air is flowing through your air vents. You get to choose when you want activate the scent.

All Natural Plant Essence Extracts

Made from safe and non toxic all natural plant extracts safe for pregnant woman and children to use.

What Is Included In Every Set

Every set includes one air diffuser, five scented cartridges and one unscented cartridge. Scents include Green Tea, Osmanthus, Lemon, Jasmine and Cologne. 

5 Different Long Lasting Scents

Includes 5 different scented cartridges infused with essential oils. Each cartridge is good for more than 3 weeks of continues use. That means you get 4 month of amazing scent in your car right out of the box. 

refillable cartridge

Customize Your Scent

Every kit also includes a single non scented cartridge which allows you to customize your scent by dipping it in any aroma therapy essential oil that you desire. Never buy another car air freshener again by continuing to refile each used cartridge with your favorite essential oils. 

What clients Are saying?

"Excellent air diffuser, with an air supply regulator. The scent is not very soft and light and not too strong. The only time you smell it is if your air is running"
Verified Purchase
"The perfect air freshener, unlike any other that I have tried, with this one you can adjust the air supply and it works when you turn on your AC."
Verified Purchase

“Good quality aluminum finish, pretty easy to use and kind of neat. All the scents are good but I love the cologne scent the best”

Verified Purchase