SLIPLO Rolls Royce Bumper Scrape Guard in Action

SLIPLO Universal Ford Bumper Scrape Guard can helps you to defeat costly bumper damage, one nasty steep driveway at a time. SLIPLO skid plate is an amazing new product made of the same tough material used on snow plow blades.

➤ No More Having to Worry About Sharp Driveways
➤ Save Your Hard-Earned $$$$ From Costly Repairs
➤ Keep Your Bumper Looking BRAND NEW
➤ No Drilling Holes into Your Vehicle
➤ Attaches with TOUGH 3M Adhesive
➤ REMOVES SAFELY without damage
➤ Low Profile Aerodynamic Design
➤ One Size Fits All

With NO drilling, NO hardware and NO damage to the paint, SLIPLO skid plate is designed to fit under the front of your car like a fine leather tight glove.

Each SLIPLO skid plate unit gets attached to your bumper with a super strong 3M double sided adhesive. That means No holes to drill, no riveting, no liquid adhesives to cure, no weld distortion, no clean up.

And it’s tough enough to protect the underside of your car from almost any steep driveway scrapes!
No more having to stress out when pulling out of  a steep driveway, or going over a nasty pothole – those horrible things that are cunningly designed to scrape your front bumper!

Protect Your Car Today Before It’s Too Late

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Listen to what a few of our more-than-happy customers have said about SLIPLO…

“The peace of mind I get from the new SLIPLO scratch guard makes all the difference for me. Now I can drive my GT anywhere I want without that nagging fear of messing it up. Makes driving much more enjoyable, especially around town!”

Another car enthusiast says…

“My Porsche 911 was notorious for finding every high curb or steep driveway around. I had to be extra careful, everywhere I went. I felt like an idiot sometimes. But now I don’t have to worry. If something scrapes the underside, I know it’s not damaging my car! That’s a great feeling. Thanks, SLIPLO!”