SLiPLO Image Gallery

With over 4 years of extensive research and development, SLiPLO has been built to last under the toughest conditions.

SLiPLO’s proprietary Polyurethane formulation has been specially formulated for maximum cold temperature flexibility, excellent wear performance, high tear strength, and excellent hydrolysis resistance.

Combined with tough as nail 3M double sided adhesive tape, featuring excellent adhesion to traditional automotive paint systems and excellent resistance to impact in cold weather.

With no drilling and no damage to the paint, SLiPLO universal skid plate is trusted to protect some of the rarest and most expensive cars in the world. See images of the Sliplo Universal Skid Plate on some of these cars, below.

$7 Million LaFerrari Apertha is Protected with SLIPLO Bumper Skid Guard