Frequently Asked Questions

Will SLIPLO Fit On My Car?

Sliplo is a universal kit which means one size fits all. Just make sure the panel you are trying to protect has a flat surface area measuring no less then one inch for the Sliplo to bond itself to.

Does It Lower My Clearance And Cause More Damage?

We have tested different thickness before settling on a thickness of about a 1/4″. This is the sweet spot in order for the product to look like a factory add-on while still preventing damage to the front portion of your car’s front lip under extreme conditions such as steep driveways with a high angle of attack. It is critical for the skid plate to be thick enough to protect under high angle of attack impact situations.

Will It Stick To The Aspalt During Impact?

The special blend of Polyurethane used to construct each piece of Sliplo comes with excellent abrasion resistance properties. It slides like ice skates when it comes in contact with surfaces such as asphalt. Most front spoilers are made of carbon fiber, fiberglass composites, or plastics which have a high friction point during impact. Sliplo eases and cushions the point of impact by allowing your bumper to glide over the surface area.

Is It Made From Cheap Rubber?

No, rubber would immediately fail due to having high friction on impact with tough surfaces like asphalt. Sliplo is made out of a special blend of polyurethane, which absorbs impact and glides on asphalt. This is actually the same material they use for snowplows.

Will Sliplo Last In Extreme Cold Or Hot Temperatures?

Sliplo’s special blend of polyurethane and high performances double sided adhesive have been designed and tested to withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures world wide.

Won’t The Adhesive Fail When It Scrapes Against The Asphalt?

The adhesive on Sliplo has the same strength level as a rivet per square inch and would only fail on three occasions:

  • Sliplo was not properly installed
  • Sliplo was placed on a surface that is not paint (eg. wraps, clear bra ppf, wax, sealants etc.)
  • In very extreme points of impact where an object such as a raised parking block grabs the front portion of Sliplo and causes failure. This is actually a huge benefit of using adhesive over a rivet since it allow for failure under extreme conditions without ripping your bumper off.

Can I Install This Myself?

We always recommend professional installation but Sliplo is something that can be applied by a first-timer as long as you watch one of our installation videos or read our installation instructions.

Do I Need A Lift To Install Sliplo?

A lift would make it much easier to install Sliplo, but it’s not mandatory. We have many who have installed Sliplo on ground level. It just takes longer to install. Many also use ramps and jacks to pull the front end of the car up to make installation easier.

Is There A Warranty On This?

Sliplo offers a 10 year warranty on the product. Please see warranty data for more information.

What Tools Do I Need Tools And Is There Drilling Involved?

Sliplo is a universal, no-drill solution which comes with adhesive that’s as strong as a rivet. The only tool we recommend you have is a very strong scissor or shear.

Will 1 box of the DIY kit be enough for my car?

Most vehicles will only need about 8 pieces of Sliplo, and each box of the DIY kit comes with 10 pieces. Some high end vehicles will need additional protection, as the second back layer may require 12-20 pieces of Sliplo. For these vehicles, we recommend purchasing 2 boxes of the DIY kits.

Do you have someone who can install Sliplo near me?

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