SLIPLO Bumper Lip Protection Extreme Challenge (Will It Fail)

Ferrari skid plate

A common question that we get asked is how will SLIPLO hold up over time after repeated impacts with different objects. The first concern is that the adhesive layer of SLIPLO could detach from the bumper after a hard impact and the second concern is about the overall strength of the polyurethane layer. How will […]

Car Bumper Protection Strips VS SLIPLO Universal Skid Plate

What are Car Bumper Protection Strips? Car bumper protection strips or front lip stripes are generally made of rubber material that are installed on the front bumper, rear bumper and side skirts of a vehicle. Their main purpose is more visual then protective and will help give your car a lowered look just like a […]

The Problem of Bumper Damage from Steep Driveways

If your ride is your most prized possession and you drive anything lower than an SUV, we know why you’re here. You’re tired of looking at every driveway with apprehension, trying to guess the grade. You purchased your road-hugging luxury ride because you wanted to roll smoothly from scene to scene. Not so you could […]

Bumper Skid Plate Review Told by a Professional Installer

I like to drive fast. What can I say it’s the truth. I also like expensive cars, also the truth. Fortunately, I own 3 body shops in Tulsa and the guys that work for me don’t care whether they work on a customer’s car or mine. Also, they’re good guys, like family to me, and […]