Universal Skid Plate Protects All Your Cars!



Give Your Car the BEST Bumper Scrape Protection On Earth!

Amazing new scratch-preventing add-on!

  • NO More Worrying About Driveway & Parking Scrapes
  • Saves Your Hard-Earned $$$$ From Costly Repairs
  • Keeps Your Bumper Looking BRAND NEW
  • No Drill Solution Installs Without Damage to Your Car
  • One Size Fits All Can Protect All Your Cars
  • Low Profile Aerodynamic Design Looks Like a Factory Add on Your Car
  • 10-YEAR Warranty protects YOU!

  If you want to make sure your high-end car stays 100% protected from all the road hazards out there – you know, those nasty scratches, gouges, dings, and holes that mess up the appearance of your car – then you need to know about SLIPLO Bumper Scrape Guard.

SLIPLO is an amazing new product made of the same tough material used on snowplow blades.

With NO drilling and NO damage to the paint, SLIPLO gets molded to fit under the front of your car like a fine leather glove.

SLIPLO attaches using TOUGH AS NAIL 3M double sided adhesive to your new car’s bumper. That means No holes to drill, no riveting, no liquid adhesives to cure, no weld distortion, no clean up.

And it’s tough enough to protect the underside of your car no matter what you find yourself up against!

You know that awful feeling of hitting a curb, a driveway, or a concrete parking block – those horrible things that are cunningly designed to rip your front bumper off!

Worry no longer!

SLIPLO protects underneath the front bumper of your car from most possible damages.

It’s easy to get this amazing protection product installed. Simply bring your car into a certified installation shop.

Later that same day, you will drive out with that feeling of enhanced protection you crave!

You “baby” your car because you care about your car.

Now you can be your car’s HERO by protecting it in ways you never imagined before!

You’ll feel better about driving anywhere on the road. You won’t have anything to fear – because nothing can damage your car once you’re protected it with SLIPLO.

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