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Amazing New Scrape Preventing Add-on is

EASY to Sell & EASY to Install!

Dear Shop Owner,
Here’s your chance to add EXTRA PROFITS every time a customer walks
into your shop! You already know how much your customers care about their
high-end cars. Now you can offer them something EXTRA to help satisfy them
and make you extra money at the same time!
Introducing “SLIPLO” – an amazing new product that attaches to the underside of virtually ANY car.
You attach it WITHOUT DRILLING. It goes on without removing the bumper. And without messing up the paint job!

SLIPLO Install on $10 Million Laferrari Apertha

SLIPLO Install on Mclaren 720S

Learning to Install is EASY!

The SLIPLO Skid Plate is made of a specially-formulated material similar to that used on snowplows. The scratch-preventing qualities are simply amazing.

No longer will your customers have to worry about pulling into driveways or parking spots.

Instead, they simply have you install the SLIPLO on the undercarriage of their car’s bumper. Just like that, it permanently protects the bumper.

In the same day, their car will be ready!
The attractive SAME-DAY TURNAROUND makes this add-on one of the easiest up sells you’ll ever offer. And it’s got a high profit margin built-in!

for Your Installers!

Sell & Satisfy In One Easy Step!

It’s easy to offer this amazing protection product to your customers.

They simply bring their car into your shop. It takes about an hour to install.

You could even offer a “while you wait” service!

The same day, they will drive out with the feeling of enhanced protection they crave!

Listen to what a few more-than-happy customers have said about SLIPLO…

Ali Afshar

“My Ferrari 488 was notorious for finding every high curb or steep driveway around. I had to be extra careful, everywhere I went. I felt like an idiot sometimes. But now I don’t have to worry. If something scrapes the underside, I know it’s not damaging my car! That’s a great feeling. Thanks, SLIPLO!”

Fabio L.

“The peace of mind I get from the new SLIPLO scrape guard makes all the difference for me. Now I can drive my Lambo anywhere I want without that nagging fear of messing it up. Makes driving much more enjoyable, especially around town!”

Your customers “baby” their high-end cars. Now YOU can be the HERO by helping them feel even better about their cars!

Because if you act now…

FREE Training & Certification

That’s right! For a limited time you can get free installation training and certification at our facility in
Los Angeles. If you’re one of the first to respond in your area, we will gladly give you free training and
certify you as an authorized SLIPLO Skid Plate installer. That’s a $650 worth of training you will get for free

We care about your success!
We understand that having a company that CARES about you is important!
You see, we take the time to TRAIN you and your installers. We want you to know exactly how to install the SLIPLO.                                                                  Most of all, you’ll discover how EASY it is to make good money with this product! You’ll love how SLIPLO is designed to fit virtually ALL cars.                The universally-fitting parts mean you don’t have to carry a lot of inventory. It’s practically “one size fits all” – with minor adjustments, of course.


Customers will be lining up, begging you to protect their car!
You’ll also be happy to know the SLIPLO is competitively priced against all other alternatives on the market. Your avid car-loving customers
know what things cost. So this is another key benefit that makes this a “no-brainer” for  your customers! And a huge money-maker for you!

This is a first-come, first-served offer


Same TOUGH MATERIAL Used on Snowplows

SKid Plate Snowplow


SLIPLO’s PROPRIETARY POLYURETHANE formulation has been specially formulated for maximum cold temperature flexibility, excellent wear performance, high tear strength, and excellent hydrolysis resistance.

Build to last under the toughest conditions!
Combined with tough as nail 3M double sided adhesive tape, featuring
excellent adhesion to traditional automotive paint systems and excellent
resistance to impact in cold weather.

10-Year Warranty!

We stand behind everything we sell.
Our 10-Year Warranty of the entire product will give you the
peace of mind that you deserve.
But if any of the units fail for any reason, we will replace the
SLIPLO product FREE of charge.

Many installers order from us weekly. Others monthly. We give
YOU the choice.

But whatever you choose, your shipping will be absolutely
FREE! Even on smaller orders. No minimums!

And for those who do order in larger quantities, we also offer
Quantity Discounts that help your profit margin SOAR!

What Are Your Fellow Shop Owners Saying?

Listen to what Nathan W. of Los Angeles says about the money his shop has made because of SLIPLO…

“The most amazing thing is that it almost sells itself! Almost the moment I called my customers, they were on their way in to get SLIPLO installed on their cars! They love the convenience of having it done so fast. And since the price isn’t too high, my closing ratio was hovering around 90%! The truth is, the additional profit I get from this product is the best add-on stream of income I’ve had in years!”

Another long-time shop owner, Randy L. of Scottsdale, reports that his shop has
virtually doubled its upselling income because of SLIPLO

I could go on and on, but I don’t want to bore you with other people’s success.
I want to help you make a success story of your own!

That’s why I urge you to act now!


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This is a first-come, first-served offer