Has This Happened To You Pulling Out Of Steep Driveways?

You know that awful feeling of grinding the under side of your bumper when pulling in and out of those sharp angled driveways – those horrible things that are cunningly designed to scrape and scratch your bumpers shiny factory paint !

Bumper Scrape Damage
Steep Driveway Bumper Scrape Damage
Corvette Bumper Scrape Damage
Expensive Carbon Fiber Lip Damage

Tired of Your Cars' Bumper Looking Like This?

You know, those nasty scratches, gouges, and scrapes that mess up the appearance of your car and cause expensive bumper damage.

Lamborghini Bumper Scrape Damage
Lamborghini Aventador Bumper Scrape Damage
Bentley Bumper Scrape Damage
Bentley GT Bumper Scrape Damage

Worry No Longer - Protect Your Car Today!

If you want to make sure your beautiful shiny new car stays protected from those steep sharp driveways – then you need to know about SLIPLO universal bumper skid guard.

SLIPLO is an amazing new product made of the same tough material used on snowplow blades. With NO drilling and NO damage to the paint, SLIPLO molds to the underside of your car like a fine leather glove.

SLIPLO attaches using TOUGH AS NAIL 3M double sided adhesive to your new car’s bumper. That means No holes to drill, no riveting, no liquid adhesives to cure, no weld distortion, no clean up.

SLIPLO Bumper Skid Plate
Ferrari Bumper Skid Plate
Ferrari F12 Bumper Skid Plate

Your Benefits


  • NO More Worrying About Sharp Driveways Scrapes


  • Saves Your Hard-Earned $$$$ From Costly Bumper Repairs


  • Keeps Your Car Looking Brand New


  • No Drill Solution Installs Without Drill Hole Damage to Your Car


  • One Size Fits All Can Protect All Your Cars


  • Low Profile Aerodynamic Design Looks Like a Factory Add-on


  • Strongly Attaches With Tough As Nails 3M Double Sided Adhesive


  • Can be Removed Safely Without Damage


  • 10 Year Warranty Protects You

Frontal View

Looks Like a Shiny Factory Add-on

SLIPLO’s PROPRIETARY POLYURETHANE formulation has been specially formulated for maximum cold temperature flexibility, excellent wear performance, high tear strength, and excellent hydrolysis resistance.

Each unit features a functional beveled edge to enhance the aerodynamic properties while giving a smooth factory looking finish. The shiny gloss black color is designed to naturally blend in with your existing body color.

Frontal View

Bottom View – Before & After

Frontal View

Used By The Most Exclusive Cars In The World

Don’t take our word for it. Check out how some of the most exotic hyper cars in the world are using SLIPLO to protect their bumpers. Don’t you think that your car deserves the same type of loving care?

Bugatti Chiron Skid Plate

Ford GT Skid Plate

LaFerrari Aperta Skid Plate

Lamborghini Aventador Skid Plate

Lexus LFA Skid Plate

Lamborghini Huracan Skid Plate

Ferrari 488 Skid Plate

Chevy Corvette Z06 Skid Plate

Client & Celebrity Reviews

Listen to what a few more-than-happy customers have said about SLIPLO…

Save Your Hard Earned $$$$ From Costly Repairs

SLIPLO protects underneath the front bumper of your car from most possible damages.

It’s easy to get this amazing protection product installed. Simply bring your car into a certified installation shop.

Later that same day, you will drive out with that feeling of enhanced protection you crave!

Get Protected Before It’s Too Late

It’s easy to get this amazing protection product installed.

Simply bring your car into a certified installation shop.

3 Step Easy Installation Plan

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2) Take your car in for FAST Installation

3) Drive your Car with CONFIDENCE

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