SLIPLO Universal Bumper Skid Plate Protection
bumper lip protection top
bumper lip protection bottom
Protects your car's front lip from sharp driveways, potholes and parking curb damage.

STOPS Steep Driveway Scrapes

Sliplo skid plate on exotic cars


  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Made of Snowplow tough Polyurethane
  • No nasty drill holes or hardware required
  • One size fits all will protect most bumpers*
  • Gloss black low-profile design looks aerodynamic
  • Removes safely without any damage to your paint*
  • Includes strong as rivets 3M double sided adhesive
Includes Rivet Strength 3M Double Sided Adhesive

No Drilling Or Hardware Required

SLIPLO is made of the same tough material used on snowplows to protect the plow from the asphalt.

SLIPLO’s proprietary Polyurethane formulation has been specially formulated for maximum cold temperature flexibility, excellent wear performance, high tear strength, and excellent hydrolysis resistance.

Each unit features a functional beveled edge to enhance the aerodynamic properties while giving a smooth factory looking finish. The shiny gloss black color is designed to naturally blend in with your existing body color.

Each SLIPLO piece includes a preattached  3M super strength double sided adhesive tape which can stick on to the most challenging surfaces. That means no holes to drill, no riveting, no liquid adhesives to cure, no weld distortion, no clean up.

Ferrari Bumper Skid Plate
Used By The Most Exclusive Hyper Cars In The World

Trusted To Protect The Best

Bugatti Skid Plate
Bugatti Skid Plate
Ferrari Skid Plate
Ferrari Skid Plate
Lamborghini Skid Plate
Lamborghini Skid Plate
Ford GT Skid Plate
Ford GT Skid Plate
Lamborghini Bumper Scrape Protection
Lamborghini Bumper Scrape Protection
Bugatti Bumper Scrape Protection
Bugatti Bumper Scrape Protection
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